The week before was a week of prayers.... The forecast was absolutely certain it is going to rain through the whole day. Luckily only a few drops of luck fell that Day. The bride was simply beautiful. And the groom? He was so nervous he was trying out poses in front of a mirror the day before. And in the end... So much love.... So much tenderness... Only the two of them in their own universe... As if nothing around them even existed... Beauty and so many emotions....

Thank you for letting me be a part of this...

coordination: KSP Weddings / photography: Jana Křížková / MUAH: Nina Beran / model: Adri Havlíková s přítelem / dress: Petra Brzková / suit: Feratt / jewelry: MADDAM šperky / flowers: Rozkvetlá dílna 

On a hill above Prague center... in the middle of a beautiful park... with an incredible view... That is where Lenka and Michal put on their wedding attires. Unique white palette with gold and black details was a perfect choice for them. Simple, strong, elegant.... With special details... Just like the two of them...

coordination: KSP Weddings / venue: Letenský Zámeček / photography: Jana Křížková / videography: React Media / MUAH: Simona Bártová / model: Lenka Kolínková & Michal Pejzl / dress: Svatební salon Edita / suit: Delor Tailoring / jewelry: Lucy Diamonds / flowers: Květinový Atelier Nymfea / decor: Moje Party / stationery: Bára Šímová / sweet bar: Cukřenka 

Kačka and Jannik are a czech-german couple based in Munich. Their decision to get married in Czech Republic was an honor to Kačkas family and country. From the beginning Kačka knew she wanted a romantic barn wedding close to the borders so that german guests donˇt have to travel too far. 

Neither of them saw the location or personally met the vendors until the day before/of the wedding. I walked them through using a webcam and luckily they both fell in love with the venue.

The guests arrived the day before and we all enjoyed the preparations together. Kačka and Jannik were oficially married during covid so on the day of the wedding they had the most beautiful unoficial ceremony their Best Man and Maid of Honor prepared for them. 

And the atmosphere..... I love weddings like this... Everybody was so relaxed, everybody enjoyed every second. So much laughter and smiles, so much love. It was an honor to be a part of their Big Day...

coordination and design: KSP Weddings / venue: Mlýn Davídkov / photography: Stanislava Tylmanová

Beautiful story in the biggest cathedral on earth. Nature.

Laura and David had a very specific idea of their wedding. End of the world, only the closest family and friends, amazing food and a beautiful intimate ceremony in the woods.

It was a challenge to get Laura and her big gown on the ceremony site through all the trees and bushes, but the day was just magical. 

coordination and design: KSP Weddings / venue: Kristin Hrádek / photography: Dan Dančevský

When the bride called and told me they want a Halloween wedding I was thrilled. Burgundy and jewel palette, a very original wedding..... Then I realized it was September and therefore the wedding should be in about one and a half month from the day of the first call.... But honestly, how could I possibly say no.

I loved how bold and original Ilča and Radek were. Every single thing I came up with, they were willing to go for it. The ceremony took place in a beautiful moody garden on an island. With an amazing willow tree, river flowing aroung and a stylish old gate that served us as the wedding arch. 

The atmosphere was topped with a two hour long blackout so the evening party was lit with dozens of candles.

decor: KSP Weddings / venue: private / photohraphy: Petr Vajrauch